Task team investigation and research on South African Government involvement in and regulation of Higher Education, Institutional Autonomy and Academic Freedom

The purpose of the investigation

The purpose of the Council on Higher Education (CHE) investigation and research is to

  • Stimulate through scholarly debate and discussion, research and writings, and other mechanisms

  • The building of shared understanding

  • Perhaps consensus

  • A report


  • The appropriate nature and modes of government involvement in higher education transformation

  • Appropriate relationships between government (and other bodies with higher education regulatory functions) and higher education institutions, and

  • Appropriate conceptions of institutional autonomy, academic freedom and public accountability, in general and in the specific context of South Africa and higher education transformation.

This in turn helps to give effect to the CHE's responsibilities, as part of its overall mission to contribute to the development of a higher education system characterised by quality and excellence, equity, responsiveness to economic and social development needs and effective and efficient provision, governance and management, to

  • Contribute to developing higher education - provide leadership and stimulate debate around key national and systemic issues; undertake investigations and research to sensitise government and stakeholders to immediate and long-term critical challenges of South African higher education in relation to stated principles, commitments and policy goals; produce publications; and hold seminars and conferences, including an annual Consultative Conference of all higher education stakeholders; and promote good practice;

  • Provide informed, considered, independent and strategic advice on higher education issues to the Minister of Education;

  • Undertake effective quality assurance within higher education and training - including programme accreditation, institutional audits, programme evaluation and quality promotion and capacity building.

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