Options for the NQF in South Africa

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Professor Michael Young
October, 2003
Institute of Education, University of London

A Conceptual Critique of An Interdependent Qualification Framework System: A Consultative Document Prepared by a Joint Task Team of the Departments of Education and Labour


This report consists of six sections. Section 1 considers the rationale and key underlying assumptions of the of the Consultative Document. Section 2 examines the Task Team's response to the Report of the Study Team on the Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework. Section 3 is concerned with the Task Team's analysis of the interface between Learning and Work and the implications that it draws from this. Section 4 explores further the tension between the principles of 'equivalence' and 'difference' in the Document. Section 5 considers a number of additional issues raised by the Document that are relevant to the CHE. Section 6 concludes the report by drawing together its main arguments. It also offers a tentative alternative model as a basis for suggesting how the Task Team's proposals might be modified during the next stage of consultation and negotiations with government. The report includes a bibliography of readings relevant to the issue of qualifications frameworks and an Appendix Note on the concept of 'communities of trust'.