2016/2017 Projects

Project Name -- Status of the Project

1. Sport Coaching Development -- In process

2. Bachelor of Commerce-- In process

3. Engineering - Diploma and Bachelor-- In process

4. Doctoral Standards and Review-- Initial stage

5. Emergency Care Assistant Standards-- Initial stage

Completed projects

The Framework indicates that the initial focus is a pilot phase of standards development. Experience gained from pilot projects will assist in a review of the Framework before it, and the processes involved are finalized. The fields of study have been identified either through their involvement in other CHE quality assurance projects (for example, Social Work, currently undergoing a national programme review) or through discussion with related academic and professional associations. In this respect, the Directorate is currently working on two pilot projects, following successful negotiations with the respective academic and professional associations. Commencement of two further pilot projects is under discussion.

  • South African Business Schools Association (SABSA): Master of Business Administration
  • Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions (ASASWEI): Bachelor of Social Work