Step 2: Notify HEQCIS of your Qualifications

Complete and submit the Qualification template

The qualification template is used to submit your institution's qualifications to HEQCIS, in order to check whether they are already in the system, and to receive the information that will allow you to upload learner records against your qualifications.

Download the HEQCIS Qualification Template

This template (HEQCISQualificationTemplate.nnn.xls where nnn indicates the version number of the template) has two discrete functionalities:

1. The "Qualification data" worksheet 
This is the area of the spreadsheet that you use to capture the specific details of your qualifications.

2. The "Data Checks" worksheet
This is the area of spreadsheet that allows you to see whether the data that you have entered in the "Qualification data" area of the spreadsheet conforms to the expected rules for the template.

A list containing the description for each Subdomain ID is available in:

HEQCIS Qualification Template: Description for each Subdomain ID

Await Feedback on STEP 2 activities

Active Party = HEQCIS (minimum 1 month from the date of receiving the correctly completed Qualification Template)


An e-mail containing three attachments and instructions on how to update Edu.Dex. You need to:

  1. Update Edu.Dex by following the instructions on the e-mail.
  2. Check the correctness of the data found in the .csv attachments on the e-mail.