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Where can I get data on the higher education sector?
Where do I find a list of accredited private higher education institutions?
Where do I find a list of accredited private FET colleges?

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Code of Good Practice Workshop with Vincent Tinto

The second workshop on the Code of Good Practice was held on the 28th of November 2017. The workshop continued from the first workshop held on 3 and 4 August 2017, the purpose of which was to identify and develop a Code of Good Practice from the focus areas of Phase 1 of the QEP.

Student Workshop 9 to 10 October 2017

A two-day workshop was held in order to catalyse a process that will enable students to engage productively in assuring and enhancing the quality of the student learning experience at their institutions and in the higher education sector. It was facilitated by Eve Lewis, Director of student partnerships in quality Scotland.


Communiqué on the Consultative Workshops of the CHE Scheduled for 30 and 31 October 2017

It is now 15 years since the Council on Higher Education (CHE) began to implement the current quality assurance regimen for higher education in South Africa. Over this period, institutions and other stakeholders have provided constructive feedback on the quality assurance system.